Tyler Perry, Kelly Rowland, And More Stars Host Jay-Z’s Mother’s Wedding


Gloria Carter, Jay-Z’s mother, recently married her longtime companion, Roxanne Wilshire, in a star-studded ceremony. Of course, Hov, his wife Beyoncé, and their family were among the numerous A-listers in attendance. However, that was far from the end of the celebrity guest list, with many more celebrities arriving to join the uplifting festivities. The wedding was attended by Tyler Perry, Kelly Rowland, Robin Roberts, Corey Gamble, and Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles. They reportedly closed things up about 11 a.m., so it was undoubtedly a pretty great night with all those huge personalities in there, as well as the largest ones’ celebration.

Furthermore, Jay-Z and Gloria Carter have always had an incredibly strong bond and consistently show each other all the love and support in the world. Back in 2017, Gloria came out on his 2017 4:44 track “Smile,” speaking on “living in the shadows” as a homosexual woman. Whenever either of them are celebrated by their peers or the world at large, they are by each other’s sides. For example, she received an award from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for telling her personal story.

Beyoncé & Daughter Blue Ivy At Jay-Z’s Mother’s Wedding

During the ceremony for this honor, Jay-Z thanked Gloria Carter for allowing him to relay her story to his listeners. She had thankful words of her own to share as well. “Thanks to you, to all the people whose lives I touched, for your support, by just telling my truth,” Carter shared. “‘Smile’ became a reality because I shared with my son who I am. Not that people didn’t know; I was just someone they didn’t talk about but they loved me anyway. But for me, this was the first time that I spoke to anyone about who I really am.

“Love gave me the courage to take the power that I allowed other people to have over my life for fear of them revealing my secret that wasn’t really a secret,” she continued. “Here I am, I’m loving, I’m respectful, I’m productive, and I’m a human being who has a right to love who I love. So everybody, just smile, be free. Thank you, and God bless.”

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