T.I. Admits To Forgetting Most Of His Lyrics

T.I. claims he can’t recall most of the lyrics he’s written throughout the course of his career. During an interview with HipHopDX at the 2023 BET Awards last month, the famous rapper discussed his songwriting. When asked to choose his most underappreciated verse, he acknowledged he couldn’t think of one.

“I cannot answer that question definitively because I don’t even remember most of the lyrics that I wrote,” he told the outlet. “That’s the beauty about art as it pertains to music in Hip Hop because it’s about the mindset of the person at the time the song was created.”

T.I. Performs In Atlanta

He continued: “So as soon as that song was created, once you walk out that booth, once you walk out that studio, you continue to live life, your mindset, your consciousness evolves, but the song is stuck in that moment, you see what I’m saying? So it’s a snapshot of that moment.”

He added: “We can listen back and be proud. I still to this day hear a lot of songs that I’ve written, a lot of verses that I’ve spit and I’m like, ‘Damn, okay. I had a hell of a perspective at the time.’”

T.I. At The BET Awards

Fans on social media found the admission understandable. In the comments section of the clip on YouTube, one user wrote: “This is understandable. I used to write a lot and once I recorded or performed something I didn’t have any reason to still remember it so I don’t have any of my raps or poems memorized.” Others brought up how long T.I. has been releasing music and how many songs he has. Both Eminem and Lil Wayne have also admitted to having trouble remembering their past lyrics. Check out the red carpet clip above.

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