Snoop Dogg Lectures Boosie Badazz About Independence Day

Boosie Badazz received some backlash after celebrating the Fourth of July. about Wednesday morning, mid-haircut, the Louisiana rapper rushed to Instagram to beg his followers to educate him about the federal holiday. Although it is remembered as the day America declared independence and approved the Declaration of Independence.

However, the holiday has a mixed past for Black Americans. While the 13 colonies earned independence from the British Colony in 1776, Black Americans remained enslaved and did not become free until 1863, which many people commemorate on Juneteenth.

However, Boosie didn’t necessarily realize the history behind the holiday. “Aye, I need somebody to educate me on July 4th,” he said. “Everybody in my DM saying I should not celebrate Fourth of July if I love my Black people. But I don’t really know the meaning of Fourth of July. I always thought it was some war shit. I need to be educated on the Fourth of July, bro. Because I’ve been celebrating the Fourth of July in the hood with fireworks since I was born. If I’m celebrating some wrong shit, I need to be educated.”

Snoop Dogg Educates Boosie Badazz On 4th Of July


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Boosie captioned his post, “HOW IM A [SELL] OUT? I ACTUALLY DONT KNOW‼️ ALL I KNOW IS FIREWORKS.” However, Snoop Dogg came into the comment section to provide a brief history lesson for Boosie Badazz. “It’s ya oppresses freedom celebration we weren’t free yet and that’s why call me Nefew I’ll game u up,” Snoop Dogg wrote in the comment section. He added, “Juneteenth is our holiday of last free slaves.”

Boosie Badazz wasn’t the only rapper who celebrated 4th Of July. Michael Rubin hosted his annual party in the Hamptons where hip-hop’s A-Listers joined in on the festivities. Jay-Z and Beyonce attended, along with Meek Mill, Lil Baby, and more. Additionally, Kim Kardashian, Lori Harvey, and more also came through to party at Rubin’s event. Boosie didn’t necessarily have the same level of star-studded guests but he certainly enjoyed his time with his family.

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