Mozzy Released From Prison Following Brief Detention For Club Shooting Without Charges

Fans recently welcomed Mozzy’s release from prison after he finished a ten-month sentence on federal weapons charges. While the announcement disappointed many of the Sacramento rapper’s fans, he continued his career with a slew of releases throughout that time period.

The euphoria of his freedom, however, did not last long, as officials imprisoned him following a shooting at a Kansas nightclub where he performed. Furthermore, reports on the arrest revealed very little information on the reasoning or implications of the arrest. “Maaan @MozzyThaMotive came out to our city Wichita, [Kansas] for a dope a** show,” a video showing the arrest was captioned by a user. “I went to [an] after-party and was arrested.” SMH, f**k 12, liberate Mozzy.”

Now, it seems like that issue was resolved, as officials released Mozzy following his brief detainment. In addition, reports indicate that authorities pressed no charges against the MC for what went down in Kansas. According to ABC News, the nightclub he had a show in suffered a shooting that left seven shot and two trampled. Apparently police detained him for questioning as a suspect of the shooting, but it turns out that accusation was short-lived.

Mozzy Reportedly Released


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Regardless, the CMG signee is probably looking forward to working on his career moves and expressing himself through music once more. After all, his time behind bars didn’t stop him from keeping fans fed, even if it was through a shorter project than many probably wanted. Furthermore, his Kollect Kall EP featured YFN Lucci, E MOZZY, Baby Money, and Celly Ru across six new tracks. Hopefully his release means that authorities cleared him of legal trouble over the tragic shooting, and that they’re working hard to find the true culprit.

Meanwhile, given the 36-year-old’s resilience, he definitely has the spirit to bounce back hard following his troubles. “Life comes at you fast. Sometimes s**t gets real [and] you gotta take that deal,” he stated to the press upon turning himself in for his gun case. “It’ll get slimy out here. Appreciate my loved ones. Chin up, chest out. Love you the most.”

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