Kim Kardashian’s Beautiful Malibu Beach Mansion On Billionaire’s Row

Kim Kardashian has revealed the first images of her stunning $70 million Malibu beach house.

On this week’s episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, she offered her sister Khloe Kardashian a tour of her latest home purchase.

The 42-year-old reality star bought the home in September on Malibu’s ‘billionaire’s beach,’ which is surrounded by celebrities such as supermodel Cindy Crawford, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and musician Neil Diamond.

Towards the end of this week’s episode, Kim took her sister Khloe to check out the new home, revealing she has plans to completely refurb the mansion, turning it into an ultimate party pad for her friends and family.

Speaking in a confessional for the show, Kim said: “So I bought a house in Malibu and this has been a dream of mine forever.

“It’s just one of those like pinch-me moments where I can’t believe I like achieved a goal that I really didn’t really think was realistic.”

Here’s a look inside her dream Malibu home ahead of its refurbishment…

Kim took Khloe inside, trying to get her to envision her vision for the home. As they went downstairs, Kim pushed open the windows herself, with her “manual labour” surprising Khloe.

Kim told Khloe this space will be refurbed in to a “tiny TV room”.

“So like they’re doing like a big TV there, keeping the little fireplace and having this be like a tiny little TV room,’ adding, “this is also gonna be like a party house,” which confused Khloe.

“You just said this was a party house,” Khloe said, as Kim admitted, “Yeah, but still with kids. It’s half party and half kids. It still has to be like…” as Khloe interrupts: “So then Disney and Disney After Dark.”

Kim added in confession, “It’s definitely a dream to have a house in Malibu and I think people think like, ‘They have all this stuff and they do all these things and like it’s so normal.’ It’s not normal and we know that. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh I got a house in Malibu, no big deal.’ It was like, I stood on the beach, like tears down my face, like, holy s**t I did this.”

She showed the beach area to Khloe, adding, “It’ll be fab once it’s done.” Speaking in confession, Khloe said: “Kim keeps saying that this is for the family and that this is where we’re going to have barbecues and summers and for the kids. I mean, just her heart, how she thinks, it’s amazing. I cannot wait for these summers in Malibu and barbecues on the beach. Because memories is all we have at the end of the day.”

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