Ice-T Defends Coco’s Explicit Fourth Of July Photos Amid Criticism

Coco Austin, Ice-T’s wife, was scorching hot on the Fourth of July. So much so that she was hardly dressed and decided it was the perfect chance to show off to her Instagram followers. “Happy ‘4th of July’!! In Arizona, I’m celebrating. Yes, it’s hot out there.” Not only was it hot outside, but several people criticized Coco for posting obscene information in the comments.

To be fair, the comments might have a point. Coco wore a revealing white G-string and a red Arizona tank cut off mid-chest. Essentially, it left nothing to the imagination. But that didn’t matter to Ice-T. The rapper-turned-TV-star sounded off against the backlash, saying, “If you have a [problem] with Coco… Why do you still follow her??? Weirdo sh*t.”

Ice-T Sounds Off Against The Haters


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Ice-T also decided to respond directly to certain comments. For example, one person said on the IG post, “You are a mother…how do you think your daughter will feel when she sees these pictures??” Ice-T clapped back with a classic line that would make any rapper proud: “Go do some situps, b*tch. Lol.” While some are incredulous that Ice-T would approve of such photos being shown to the public, he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Ice would like for people to “Simply Unfollow” if they aren’t okay with the pics. His love for Coco remains ever-strong. He recently went on the That Moment with Daymond John podcast episode to discuss why the two got married. Ice-T says he was watching plenty of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and what they were doing as a couple. T thinks Ozzy wouldn’t be where he is today if Sharon hadn’t been running the show. He thinks of Coco the same way. She runs the show while he says he picked a partner who was ready for all of it. And despite the critics, Coco will no doubt continue to be herself on social media.

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