Ice Spice Clapped Back To Troll’s Comparison Of Her To Someone With Down Syndrome

Ice Spice has had a tumultuous year as one of the world’s hottest performers right now. Unfortunately, with all that visibility and virality comes a slew of haters, especially when women in rap receive an unjustifiably disproportionate amount of it. Furthermore, a recent post mocking the Bronx rapper’s appearance came at the expense of another group.

A Twitter user recently reacted to one of her tweets with a side-by-side picture of her and a girl with Down syndrome, which has turned into a rather cruel joke online against her. Regardless, the “Barbie World” star reacted quickly and forcefully to the jab, while properly disregarding beauty and normalcy standards.

“U thought u ate but my sis cute asf,” Ice Spice quote-tweeted the image in question with a heart-eyes emoji. Many expressed their support of both women in the comments of her tweet, and she even responded to a few of those. “You know you made it when you have people hating for no reason,” Twitter sensation @kirawontmiss replied. “Thx kira,” the 23-year-old replied, which made for a wild hip-hop and Twitter culture crossover.

Ice Spice Responds To Twitter Troll

In other Ice Spice news, she absolutely took over the Billboard Hot 100 this year, and she currently has two songs in the top ten. These are the aforementioned Nicki Minaj collaboration “Barbie World” and “Karma” featuring Taylor Swift. Before that, the “Bikini Bottom” hitmaker achieved the same with both “Princess Diana” (which had Nicki on the remix) and “Boy’s a liar, Pt. 2” with PinkPanthress also being in the top ten at the same time. Ever since she made her Hot 100 debut with the Lil Tjay collab “Gangsta Boo,” she got in a comfy chair to stay in and basked in the limelight.

Before you argue that these songs were only big because they’re collabs, think of all the songs these other artists made that didn’t reach the Billboard top ten. Also, to have so many of them during such a short time speaks to her star power. What we know for sure is that, despite the haters, she’s not slowing down anytime soon, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. On that note, keep checking in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Ice Spice.

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