Cam’ron Compares Chad Ochocino To R. Kelly In An Abusive Outburst

Cam’ron and Ma$e’s bond has recently been revived. Overall, it has resulted in some fantastic content in the shape of It Is What It Is. This is a sports discussion show that entirely reverses the debate structure. Despite the fact that they are not professional journalists, their commentary is both entertaining and intelligent. They provide an irreverent perspective to the realm of sports talk that has been sorely lacking. Cam doesn’t care who he offends, which leads to some incredible moments.

Recently, Cam’ron went on a bit of a rant about how It Is What It Is is the future of sports television. Subsequently, a whole bunch of podcasters and hosts were in their feelings. Among them was Chad Ochocinco, who took to Twitter and wrote, “Cam you my man but once i finish fasting & get back in front of the camera I’m gone dominate that space [fencer emoji].” Although Ochocinco was quite nice in his respond, Cam opted to take a sinister approach in his response. In the video down below, Cam brings up Ochocinco’s previous assault allegations, all while accusing him of being in rehab.

Cam’ron Goes Scorched Earth


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“Ayoo CHAD!! pause!! Get in front of the camera and dominate the space?!” Cam’ron wrote in the IG caption. “U on some R Kelly shit. Secondly u moving oppy!! Instead of tryna compete u shoulda just ask to come on the show. Matter fact I got a job for u. On Monday’s u can be our NFL analyst and then clean the bathroom and kitchen after we film. It’ll pay more than the Funddidores de Monterrey (the last pro team you played for in MEXICO) welcome to THE ROW N****!! Lol”

Needless to say, these two probably won’t be collaborating anytime soon. Some people in the comments are even saying that Cam went way too far. Do you agree?

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