Andrew Tate Disses Drake’s New Nails

Andrew Tate is a man’s man to the point of being toxic. He has no patience or concern for anything other than the strict macho agenda he was raised with. This divides people into two groups: those who agree with him and those who never want to hear his opinion again.

Hip-hop legend Drake is about to be thrown into the latter category. The rapper shared photos of his freshly painted fingernails on social media. @CensoredMen retweeted these with the description, “Drake shows off his new painted nails… Thoughts?”

Andrew Tate offered his thoughts for sure: “[There’s] a reason I deny meeting all the famous people who try to meet me.” Digging through the subtext, the Brit is essentially saying “nah” to Drizzy’s painted nails. Seeing as it isn’t part of the normal script when it comes to being a man, Tate is happy he doesn’t say yes to everyone who wants to meet him. Who knows what would happen if he actually did meet up with the Toronto native?

The Andrew Tate-Drake Beef History


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This isn’t the first time Andrew Tate has bashed Drake. When a woman told him that Aubrey Graham was her ideal man, Tate brushed it off with, “Drake has the hands of a girl.” To which Drake potentially clapped back in a verse from “Spin Bout U”: “N*ggas put hands on you in the past, insecure.” He could be referring to Tate putting his hands on women and doing unsavory things due to insecurity issues. And with Tate facing plenty of alleged human trafficking and rape charges, Drake may have a point here.

However, Tate isn’t the only one confused by the OVO rapper’s choice of nail polish. Lil Yachty also responded to the Tweet, saying, “Man, dis sh*t weird AF! SMH, [you] used to be our HERO DRAKE! [You] let dat boy [Yatchy] get [to you]!” We would assume Lil Boat is criticizing him in jest, seeing as the two have made music together in the past. Also, Yachty is referring to “Yatchy,” an alter ego of his. Either way, Drake is going to keep on being himself, whether or not Andrew Tate approves.

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